7 WOW Factors to Take Your Wedding (or Event!) to the Next Level

Now that you’ve worked out your budget for your big day, it’s time to figure out the details of exactly what you’ll be spending on. In the world of weddings, there are a lot of vendors trying to sell you a lot of unnecessary extras, but if you want to elevate your wedding and stand out, you’ll have to think out of the box. Let me (Sunpreet) tell you about 7 WOW factors that will definitely take your wedding to the next level.

1. (Advanced) Uplighting

Uplighting has become a very common addition for weddings. It’s a great (and easy!) way to add an elegant ambiance for your reception. But with Advanced Uplighting, you can take it to the next level. Advanced Uplighting, also known as DMX’d uplighting, allows the uplighting to change colors in sync, and to the beat of the music. Take a look at all of the lighting around the banquet hall flashing bright at the same time, coordinated with the music. It’s like you’re at a concert!

2. Dancing in the Clouds

Dancing in the clouds. What more do I need to say? The low-lying fog creates an amazing cloud effect, which is usually used during the couple’s first dance. This is awesome in person, great for pictures, and it’ll wow your guests too (for sure)!

3. Starlit Dance Floor

Ahh, the starlit dance floor. This is one special effect that you have to see in person in order to really get a sense of how amazing it is. Regular dance floors serve their purpose, but starlit dance floors do so much more. Starry night theme? Go for the star lit dance floor. Want to make your night an elegant affair? Go for the star lit dance floor. It’s versatile, eye-catching, and it’s one item that you shouldn’t discount until seeing it in person.

4. LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls are going to be one of the biggest trends of extravagant weddings in 2018. Video walls are the newest toys for entertainers, and they provide one of the biggest WOW factor for couples and guests. With LED Video Walls, you can display wedding portraits, pictures, videos, slideshows — if you can put it on a TV, you can put it on a video wall. They serve as a beautiful and dynamic focal point to the banquet hall, and can be designed to beautifully compliment the decor. LED Video Walls are truly one of the most versatile pieces you can have at your wedding.

5. Cryo Guns/Cannons

If you want your night to be a full-fledged party, you have to opt for the Cryo Guns or Cannons. The Cryo Cannons are usually positioned above the dancefloor, and they shoot an ice-cold blast of CO2 out above the crowd. This is usually controlled by the DJ, and is great for open dance during high-energy drops. The Cryo Gun follows the same concept, but you get to shoot the CO2 out of a handheld “gun.” We’ve used these a bunch of times, and they never disappoint. But enough talking — take a look at how cool this effect is:

6. Custom Monogram Dance Floor

This is another type of dance floor that can elevate your wedding to the next level. First, you create a custom design, or monogram, for yourself. This generally means taking your and your spouse’s initials and adding intricate designs around them. Next, the vendor will take that monogram, enlarge it, and print it on vinyl, which is almost like a huge sheet of wrapping paper. The vinyl can be customized to fit your exact needs. Couples usually choose a white or black background, with the monogram printed in the opposite color. But if you wanted to, you really could print the monogram on any colored vinyl — it comes in pretty much any color you can imagine (including chrome, which gives off a mirror look!). Finally, on your big day, the vendor comes and sticks the vinyl to the dance floor. This can be a long, tedious process, so make sure to give your vendor plenty of time to get the job done right. Once it’s done, you’ll have the whole audience going WOW.

Monogram Dance Floor

7. Fountain Sparklers

Mesmerizing. Just mesmerizing. Use fountain sparklers for your grand entrance. Or your first dance. Or even your cake cutting. Regardless of when you use them, your guests’ jaws will drop. Guaranteed. When the sparks fly 8 feet into the air, people will be in awe. At one of our events, the bride surprised the groom with fountain sparklers for their first dance— he didn’t know what was going to happen until they went off. And even his jaw dropped, in the middle of their first dance. Fountain sparklers provide another HUGE WOW factor for your wedding. We’ve experienced it first hand. Now, fountain sparklers will definitely require a little more work than the rest of the special effects I mentioned above. You have to make sure you go to a vendor that has Cold Fountain Sparklers. These are essential, because the Cold Fountain Sparklers shoot sparks that are non-flammable. This will help with the next step, which is convincing your venue to allow the fountain sparklers for your reception. Many venues don’t allow sparklers because they’ve had bad experiences with the traditional flammable/firework sparklers. But Cold Fountain Sparklers are not flammable, and they are very safe — you can even run your hands through them without any risk. You might even have to provide a demo to your venue manager prior to your event, in order to convince them to allow it. You’ll have to work hard, but I promise, the effort is worth it!

Fountain Sparkler Fireworks

And there you have it! 7 WOW factors to take your wedding (or event!) to the next level. I can guarantee all of these WOW factors will elevate your reception and leave your guests jealous they didn’t read this before planning their wedding. These 7 factors range from lighting to special effects, which means you can pick and choose exactly what you’re looking for. These 7 WOWfactors will fit every theme, and make sure your wedding is one to remember.